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Client and Bar Method Instructor, Jenny Schneider
– Written and submitted by Rob Schneider

How could I be more proud of my wife? Here is a lady that decided to take total responsibility for herself. At 35lbs over her perception of her ideal weight she decided to take matters into her own hands. She would not allow time, three pregnancies, or age decide for her how she was going to live her life. She decided herself.

She began in July of 2006 by simply walking and pushing a stroller. That soon evolved into some light jogging in the flat areas. Pretty soon she would report that she and run up one of the hills, and enjoyed it. Although her body had not yet begun to really change, I knew her attitude had changed and that the body would eventually catch up. She decided that running a half marathon would be an ideal goal. Weekday jogs turned into 7 and 8 mile runs for a few hours at a time while she trained and in November of 2007 she completed the Big Sur Half Marathon. While it was a huge accomplishment, it did not give her the changes in her body she was looking for. Ultimately she only lost 8 pounds through the entire experience.

“The size 12 jeans were put away and I purchased a size 10. A month later the 10 became an 8. The 8 evolved into 6 and then finally a 4?!?”

~ Jenny, Walnut Creek

In her training, she discovered a new passion for a unique form of exercise called The Bar Method. Here is a woman who was a size 8 when I met her and began this whole process as a size 12. Soon the size 12 jeans were put away and she purchased size 10. A month later the 10 became obsolete and it was on to size 8. The 8 evolved into 6 and then finally a 4?!?! Is it possible my beloved wife had completely evolved her body from a size 8 when we met to a place that I had never seen? She was in tremendous shape when we met, but now she was a brand new person both physically and mentally. And, she had achieved the goal she set 18 months before through her Bar Method classes. The Bar Method was the first form of exercise that she looked forward to going to 4-5 times a week. If she missed a class due to one of life’s hiccups, she would find ways to get to a class or do some of the exercises at home. Running led her to The Bar Method and all those months of Bar Method classes paid their dividends. Even more important was that she sweat every one of those pounds off the right way. No cheating through ridiculous diets or prescriptions. As a result they are staying off and she continues to grow stronger.

The story ends, or should I say continues, with my wife teaching Bar Method classes. She is passionate about what Bar Method can do for others and gets excited each time a new client walks into the studio. Now, I, the possessive husband, get to have my newly reshaped wife all to myself.

Jenny has been taking Bar Method classes consistently since July 2007. In February 2010 she became a Bar Method instructor .