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The Bar Method has absolutely changed my life.  I began to grow frustrated with my body after having my three children.  I never had the time or the energy to devote to an exercise regime and also, didn’t have the desire.

I have had continuous back trouble since I was a young adult.  If I went to a doctor, they would recommend surgery; if I went to a chiropractor, they would recommend continuous physical therapy.  I wasn’t interested in either option, but I knew I desperately needed relief from the pain and I began pain management epidurals in January of 2009.

One day in October of 2009, while having lunch with a friend, she told me about a new class she was taking called the “Bar Method”.  I was intrigued by her explanation and went home that evening to Google it.  Upon seeing Burr Leonard and reading her philosophy on physical wellness, I immediately looked for a studio in my area.  I was lucky enough to find the Shrewsbury NJ studio and went to a class the next day.

After my introductory class, I thought  “this is hard, not sure it’s for me, perhaps I should sleep on it before joining another physical fitness program I’ll never complete”.  After all, I have had gym memberships that I never attend.

The evening after taking the class I began to feel sore…I liked that, it’s a great feeling to know I was doing something that was going to help me achieve my goals, physically and mentally.  It made me to want to go again. I began to attend classes five times a week.

I have certainly grown as a student since my initial classes.  The Bar Method positions are very challenging and require a lot of concentration in order to target the correct muscle group.

I absolutely LOVE my class and will beg, steal and borrow to be able to attend.

I have gone from a size 6/8 to a size 2. The compliments I receive are certainly welcome and they make me know that my hard work is paying off.  I have never enjoyed exercising, but now my body looks like I never thought it could. Besides ­­­­all of that, I feel great!  My back is so much stronger now, which in itself is such a reward.

Coincidentally after starting my addiction to “Bar”, I watched the documentary

“Food Inc”, which along with the desire to really make what I do in class count, caused me to change my diet. I am eating a healthy diet of fruits, vegetables, and organic food.

I am also sharing this wonderful new lifestyle with my family!

Thank you Chrissy and the Bar Method staff.


“I absolutely LOVE my class and will beg, steal and borrow to be able to attend.”

~ Gina, Shrewsbury